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Name:                  Mag. Christian "SB" Garufi


Nationality:           Italy / Germany


Diszipline:            Freeride / Freestyle / Stunts

Sports:                 Ski / Snowboard


Hobbies:              Climb / Skate / Wake / Surf /

                             Windsurf / Dive /


Sponsors:            Good Boards / Sport Nagele

                            SP Connect / SP Bindings

                            SP Gadgets /    


Claim of Fame:   - Member of the Red Bull

                             Taurus World Stunt Academy

                           - ranked 2009 in the best                                             100 Freeskiers of the FWT


Notable Steps of the Career:


.......  Austrian Snowboard and Skiteacher 1st Level;

2004 Entered and rided the Austrian Freestyle Circuit with Snowboard.

2004 Started with the Stuntman Career for Ski and Snowboard Double.

2006 Became Member of the Taurus World Stunt Academy, based in Hollywood, L.A. California.

2007 Nominated for the Taurus World Stunt Award, in the category best specialty stunt, celebrated

         at the Paramount Studios, L.A.California.

2008 Entered active for the first time in the European Freeride Big Mountain Circuit with Snowboard.

2009 Fix Rider of the FWQ and ranked in the top 100 skiers of the FWR of the FWT ( Freeride World

         Tour) 2009 as best Italian Freerider/ Freeskier.

2009 Attempted the Scott Czech Ride Big Mountain Event contemporary in both disciplines SKI&SNB,

         as the first rider that ever done this,  making two Top 10 placements in the same event.

2014 Stuntcoordinator and Stuntman for the advertising Spot of Samsung for the Olympic Winter Games

         2014 in Sochi, together with our riders that made great part of the Stunts

2015-24 Filming and shooting for my Sponsors for Catalogues, Posters, Banner, Social-Media, ISPO




Hometown/where you learned to ski:      Etna, Sicily, Italy & Tirol, Austria
Age when you started skiing:                   2 years old

Age when you started snowboarding:    20 years old
Breakthrough Moment:                             every time when I go out in powder
Favorite Terrain:                                        Big Mntns, Backcountry
Dream Conditions:                                    Powder every day, night and sunset sessions, Alaska
Riding Style:                                              let it ride!!!
The Best Thing About Skiing:                 SNOW!
The Worst Thing About Skiing:              no SNOW!!
The Best Training For Skiing:                 SNOW!!!
Worst Injury from Skiing:                        at least doesn’t matter…next time will go better!
Superstitions:                                           No thanks!
Favorite Toys:                                          Goodboards Apikal XXwide, Goodschi Bubalus
Favorite Ski Flick:                                    rodeos, cliffjumps, nice backflips or  superman frontflips
Favorite Bands:                                       J-Ax e la Spaghetti Funk, RHCP, Mano Chao, Kid Rock, ACDC
Favorite Movie:                                        Matchsticks and Poor Boyz Productions.
Video Game System:                              play less…go out and ride!
Other Toys:                                              Boards Boards and more Boards: surf-windsurf-wake-skate-indo-
Other Sports/Activities:                          surf, windsurf, wake, bike, climing
Words to Live and Die By:                      Never think to die, think to live
Advice:                                                     Be cool, be sick, be stocked….just be!


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