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Garufi Brothers Action Sports and Stunt Crew

              "What we do is what we are!

                                       What we are is what we love!!

                                                                What we love, is what we are living for!"





Who we are:


My name Is Christian Garufi, I’m italo-german-austrian. Together with my brother, Andy, grow up in Sicily, skiing on the Etna, the highest active Vulcan in Europe and passing part of the winter in Tyrol by our grandma. We moved to study to Innsbruck and live since then in Tyrol to follow our passion of Sports. Together we have found the GarufibrotherS Crew, a indipendent group of talented and professional riders, which cover a couple of Extreme Sports Disziplines for Videoproductions, Filmproductions, Hollywood Movies, Documentaries, Commercials and the associated Videoparts and Stunts. We have Freestyle and Freeride Competitions Background and Experiences; part of our riders are on the Competitions of the Freeride World Qualifier Tour of the FWT or ride Events of the European Freestyle and Slopestyle Tour.


the Crew is between the most established stuntmen regarding Ski & Snowboard Stunts for European but also Worldwide Productions.










From the Idea to the realisation - All steps in one Hand.           


We offer all around many X-treme Sports; we and our riders-pool are specialized in different Sports and Disciplines like: Snowboard, Ski, Skate, Wake, Mountainbike, BMX, SMX, Climb, Bag Jumps, Parcour, Skydiving, Wingsuit;

We have the necessary experience and  the right Know-How to cover all the Steps needed for the realization of an action Sports Sequence, making it possible and save for the stunt-crew and the Production.

From the Location-Scouting, Planning and Preparation to the Casting,  Implementation, Coordination and Controlling until the Finalization.




Project-Development - Location-Scouting and Inspection - Stuntmen Casting and Headhunting - Planning - Preparation - Implementation - Coordination - Controlling - Finalization



Our Strengths:


- We find the matching Double for your Actor/Actress, having a own Pool of riders or headhunting for you the right Athlete, in the fact that we are 20 Years in the Sport-Business and know a lot of Riders and Athletes in the X-treme Sport World / Family.

- The Athletes of our Crew have their Own Sport and Liability Insurances;

- The Athletes are always  in training and progress to enlarge their Trick-Lists.

- We mediate Professional Athletes and Stunt-People, most of them collected a longtime Experience with national, international and intercontinental Projects and riding over years many Sport-Contests and Show-Events during the seasons..

Partners and Sponsors


the GB Action Sports and Stunt Crew  is glad about the Support and Cooperation with our  Partners and Sponsors:                                                         

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