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Name:                  Mag. Andreas Garufi


Nationality:           Italy / Germany


Diszipline:            Freeride / Stunts

Sports:                 Ski / Snowboard


Hobbies:              Climb / Wake / Surf /

                             Windsurf / Dive /


Sponsors:            Good Boards / Good Schi /

                            HMR Helmets / Sport Nagele /

                            SC Printer


Support:              Smith / Ortovox / Union Bindings


Claim of Fame:    Stuntman for Hollywood Prod.

                            Location Scouting & Preparation



Notable Steps of the Career:


2004 Started with the Stuntman Career for Ski and Snowboard Double.

2005 Worked as Stuntman and Location preparator for Hollywood Productions.

2008 - 2009 Supported Chris on his ride in the European Freeride Circuit and at the Freeride World Tour in the Qualifier Series.

2014 Supporting Chris by the projekt of the advertising Spot of Samsung for the Olympic Winter Games

         2014 in Sochi.

2015-16 Filming and shooting for our actually Sponsors: HMR, 035




Hometown/where you learned to ski:      Etna, Sicily, Italy & Tirol, Austria
Age when you started skiing:                   2 years old

Age when you started snowboarding:    20 years old
Breakthrough Moment:                             every time when I go out in powder
Favorite Terrain:                                        Big Mntns, Backcountry
Dream Conditions:                                    Powder every day, Alaska
Riding Style:                                              ride fast and hard!!!
The Best Thing About Skiing:                 SNOW!
The Worst Thing About Skiing:              no SNOW!!
The Best Training For Skiing:                 SNOW!!!
Worst Injury from Skiing:                        various, but there is always a comeback!
Superstitions:                                           No thanks!
Favorite Toys:                                          Goodboards Legend XXwide, Goodschi Apus
Favorite Ski Flick:                                    fast lines and cliffjumps
Favorite Bands:                                       J-Ax e la Spaghetti Funk, RHCP, Mano Chao, Kid Rock, ACDC
Favorite Movie:                                        Matchsticks and Poor Boyz Productions.
Video Game System:                              play less…go out and ride!
Other Toys:                                              Boards Boards and more Boards: surf-wake-skate-indo-
Other Sports/Activities:                          surf, dive, wake, bike, climing
Words to Live and Die By:                      try alwasy your best!
Advice:                                                     ride fast and hard!



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